has shut down

Why? was the first project Tommerty & Trent ever worked on and built together. It was our gateway to web development. We have simply moved on to other projects, and it felt unfair to the very small handful of users to leave this in a perpetual state.

Let's also be honest.. It barely works majority of the time, and neither of us have any ambition to continue it's development.

The sucky part of this is that during the past year or so where we've pretty much halted the majority of the development, we've been paying for it.

It's sadly not some magical thing that just is online and on the internet. We have to pay server costs, domain registrations, etc. And that's not even including the upkeep of the server itself

What happens now?

The code is open source, so if someone wants to come in and take over, feel free to! The project can be found below.

If you plan on taking over the project...

Understand it's in absolute shambles. It's written in ExpressJS, nothing is a component, every page has the same copy/pasted elements pretty much. Most likely the only thing worth saving is the Chrome Extension (in which you'd have to create your own release from the build) and rebuild from the ground up. That's what this project needs, and we simply don't have the passion or time to do it anymore.

Please don't come asking us about the code, because we likely don't have an idea either 😅

Where are we going?

We've built a startup called You may have heard about our previous project Mystlink. Doras is the successor where we've had wide user adoption, paying users, and a pretty solid community. Due to people relying on us and our ambitions, Doras is the only project we're working on. We do thank the folks who used Redeems during it's lifespan, as it all stems from it. Redeems is where we started, where we got the idea to build a link in bio tool, and what we thought would be a success of a project paved the way to where we are now.

As a token of gratitude, I want to give back to those who followed our journey. Of course a Doras account is free, but if you're interested in Doras Pro, feel free to use the code REDEEMS to grab a discount ❤️

Thanks again for all the love and support. I really do hope to see someone take this over and make it what it should have been.